11 April 2017

Unique cooperation: Lavmi brings our typefaces on your walls!

Lavmi is a live intersection of art and commerce. It is a brand that sets the trends in interior design. Lavmi is a synonym for wallpaper. And of course Lavmi loves typefaces!

So we were logically really curious how they can treat our typefaces — and the result is fresh as spring itself! Babeta Ondrová used our typefaces for creating set of five wonderful pictorial and typographic wallpapers, that loves to be used in your home or studio. All the patterns consist of powerful graphic design, combined with a refined colours. You can decide whether you put on your wall a single glyphs or the entire type foundry set. Lavmi philosophy is to bring style into your homes – style that is well aware of its primary function.

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Alphapipe mural wallpaper with Alphapipe typeface (Briefcase Type Foundry).

Echo large mural wallpaper with Urban Grotesk (Suitcase Type Foundry).

Echo mural wallpaper with Urban Grotesk (Suitcase Type Foundry).

Skice mural wallpaper with Alphapipe typeface (Briefcase Type Foundry).

Type Foundry mural wallpaper (Suitcase & Briefcase Type Foundry).

Lavmi was established in 2009 by Babeta Ondrová and Jan Slovák. They creates designer wallpapers and interior accessories that meet high aesthetic requirements, have their own style and originality that resonates with the uniqueness of their customers. Lavmi run a store in the centre of Prague and theirs wallpapers are available in more than twenty countries.

Lavmi wallpapers are printed on non-woven material that represents the very latest generation of wallcoverings. It faithfully reproduces designs and is strong, permeable and easy to work with. It contains no PVC or heavy metals. With water-soluble inks that are lightfast and free of solvents, Lavmi wallpapers satisfy all requirements for healthy homes. Wallpapers are printed in the EU.