23 November 2013

Vojtěch Říha's typefaces

Briefcase autori vojta 1
1/Anton Steiner († 17. June 1920) was a Sudeten German, buried in a cemetery near Karlovy Vary. The lettering from his gravestone served as the basis of a majestic display type Steiner, where static and dynamic principles are in symbiotic opposition.
2/ “E” letter from Dres alphabeth: The Dres family enlivens the sweaty aesthetics of sportswear and will find fans among those who like a large TV screen, potato chips, and can’t seem to be drawn away from live feeds of collective sports.
3/Pramen sketches: The primary impulse for making the Pramen font family was the Barell, a typeface created by Jiří Rathouský in the 1970s for the Karlovy Vary Thermal hotel orientation system.
4/ Kakao sketches: Kakao is a font family of stylistically similar fonts, loosely based on calligraphy and handwriting. Its creation was inspired not only by handwritten typefaces of the sixties, but also by the diversity of street typography – shop windows, sign plates, adolescent tags, graffiti and even love messages written on walls.
5/ Motel Sans – detail: Night life typography and typography of streets, bars and motorway stops can be an infinite source of inspiration. This is true without exception for the North Moravian town of Havířov, which contains a plethora of true gems.