4 May 2014

Petr Babák’s typefaces

Briefcase autori BLOG Babak 021
1/Petr Babák: “A sharp razor. No subsequent retouching, so you get all these little flaws, dots or different razor cut thicknesses.” Petr cut the original, six centimetre characters with using a razor. Frame size: 530×529 mm.
2+4/Inspiration materials for Prkno, Šijan, Trhan and Řezan. Typefaces found its use primarily in the Tryskáč magazine, which the author published together with Ondřej Chorý in 1992. The characters were originally used as vector pictures that were intricately assembled into words, only to be thoroughly revitalised and their character set significantly extended twenty years later.
3/The manual for the Prkno font, school project; designed by Petr Babák, 60 pages; 1992.