11 October 2021

Manual of Diacritics

The publication is centered around the problem of diacritics in type design (or more accurately, language support in Latin typefaces). Central European languages suffered for many years from incorrectly-designed accents. The book is an educational tool for dealing with accents and presents 32 different fonts with processed diacritical glyph sets.

Your pre-order of the book will help us to estimate the print run better. The goal is to supply the book directly to type students, schools, designers, or possibly small independent book distributors.
The book is expected to be distributed in December this year.

Concept, text, graphic design, and diacritical designs: Radek Sidun
Professional collaboration: Tomáš Brousil, Petra Dočekalová and Jan Solpera
Printing: Tiskárna Helbich a.s., Brno, Czech republic
Publisher: The Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague

See: manualofdiacritics.eu