Briefcase News 02 presents the second batch of Briefcase fonts, featuring BC Orion, BC Mikser, BC Brief, BC Novatica, BC 3018, BC Baseliner and BC Minim by our talented type designers Matyáš Bartoň, Šimon Matějka, Jakub Spurný, Marek Pistora, Matyáš Machat, Filip Kraus, Stanislav Maršo and us, the Briefcase team.

210A4154 01



210A4152 01



Written & edited by Tomas Brousil, Petra Docekalova, Radek Sidun
Designed by our cheesy French Anna Guignard
Translated by Douglas Arellanes
Photos by Peter Fabo
DTP by Zdenek Franc
Printed in H.R.G. on OIKOS paper

Thanks to David Rericha and Olga Benesova

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