13 May 2014

Aleš Najbrt’s typefaces

Briefcase autori BLOG Ales 012
1/Reflex was designed by graphic design team, namely Pavel Beneš, Pavel Lev and Aleš Najbrt, for Reflex, a weekly magazine focusing on social, political and cultural commentary and issues that first went to print in 1990. Aleš Najbrt was a key figure at the magazine, simultaneously holding the posts of art director and editor-in-chief during the magazine’s formative years from 1990 till 1992. The headlines of regular magazine columns were hand drawn in ink and were based on the logotype.
2/A duo of mime equilibrists, performing since the eighties under the name of Thomas & Ruhller, rightly deserves to be labelled “cult”, despite such emotive words being hyper-inflated these days. Thomas & Ruhller skillfully walk the tightrope above the abyss of “embarrassment” and are the embodiment of your boldest dreams.
3/Thomas & Ruhller is a display type inspired by theatre mastery and transforms sensual stage movement into two dimensions. Individual letters refer to famous figures from theatre and thus constitute a sort of “best of” theatre performance,