BC Brief

You can try however you want, move your nodes and handles until your fingers hurt, but the Battle of the Bèzier Curve is already won. It's not true anymore that the best results can only be gotten by laborious tweaking of each node. BC Brief designed by Matyáš Machat isn't shy, and so gets right to the point with a minimum of fuss.

The design of each character is strictly obedient to technical/drawing parameters and makes its own shapes this way. Each character is created using a maximum of two points. It simply takes a few handles and what would otherwise be annoying vector segments of rotated curves, and masterly moulds them into shapes of the Latin alphabet.


A group of five styles – the default full-filled style and four outlines that match so perfectly that they can be combined at will – is what advances Brief from the original experiment into a fully fledged type family. Of course, this method can't really become the usual way of doing things. So in a way, Brief becomes a sort of a one-line house, or a one-handed clap. But now you need both hands to clap, and loudly at that. 

Author: Matyáš Machat
Number of fonts in a family:
5 (Full, Outline Light, Outline Regular, Outline SemiBold, Outline Bold)
Number of glyphs per font: 430
Release date: 2017

OpenType features:
Fractions (frac)
Localized Forms (locl)
Standard Ligatures (liga)
Slashed Zero (zero)