8 January 2016

New website Briefcase Type Foundry

… so, instead of a long list of changes, we’re attaching a brief overview. We believe you will notice the biggest innovations yourself anyway.

The homepage has completely changed – a dynamic overview shows links to our fonts, actual news, and links to the articles on our blogFonts – the content of all our fonts is generated dynamically from the current files on our server. You can filter the fonts and arrange them by their icons or simply by their names. Type specimens are available in high quality for best results at hi-res displays. The overview of font family styles and weights has been changed considerably thanks to the implementation of web-fonts technology, we’ve included the tester (previously separate) into one frame. You can easily see and test the font as desired. Glyph overview can be filtered and glyph can be searched by the name or Unicode. 

The Blog has received advanced editing functions too. We’ll be publishing comprehensive posts, essays and articles about typography and generally anything from our suitcase or briefcase of interest. The process of buying our fonts has been changed profoundly as well. User account and shopping card were given plenty of new features. And of course, we didn’t forget a proper mobile version of our website.

We run the current version under the “beta-version” status. Many details are being improved, many small updates are being made constantly. We would appreciate your feedback. Let us know if you spot on any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements.   
Finally, we need to mention the people behind the changes; in case you are looking for programmers who are very good at coding you can find them in Bratislava.