25 November 2013

Jan Novák’s typefaces

Briefcase autori BLOG Novak 02
1/Jan Novák is a holder of the Czech Centres Award from the Brno Biennial for his Falster Grotesk. (2012).
2/ Liguria in “National Style - culture and politics” book about Czechoslovak visual culture in 1918-1925. Design Matěj Činčera and Jan Kloss, published by Umprum academy (2013).
3/ Backpage from the Falster Grotesk specimen. Falster heads in a completely new direction: enlivens lowercase shapes, breaks conventional preconceptions about humanist sans, and redefines the accidence of some letters. While the family continues to maintain the excellent legibility of its models in typesetting of small texts, in poster sizes, subtle but expressive adaptations of the shapes are fully allowed to develop.
4/ Liguria in installation at National Style - culture and politics exhibition at National Gallery, (2013). Similarly to the author’s previous Falster grotesk, the experiment does not take place in the realm of classification, but on a wholly different level.